Project Background

Meilan Chemical Jiujiang Project

In order to promote the transformation and upgrade of Meilan and realize the enterprise goal of Meilan space strategic transfer, the construction of JX project is urgent.The JX project will rapidly build 300000 tons/year ionic membrane, 200,000 tons/year methane chloride and supporting utilities, supporting power plant




Project Background

Meilan Chemical Jiujiang Project

Product Provide:

Steel Pipes, Plates, Profiles, etc.


3500 tons

Challenges Facing:

Jiujiang site is far away from Nanjing, located in remote location, with more project equipment. Since customers require us delivery in batches according to different kinds of device, resulting in long unloading time, the situation of escort the vehicles happens from time to time, which also affects the account reconciliation and billing.

Our advantage:

Reasonable consolidation of national resources ensures the quality and cycle of supply, thoughtful and patient service has been praised by customers

Provided Services:

Coordinate receiving and warehousing on site, assist customer to reconcile billing.

Customer Evaluation:

Products qualified, service in place.

Project Background
Project Background

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