Project Background

Construction Project of Zhanjiang Steel and 1# and 2# BF at Baosteel

The project of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Base of Baosteel in Guangdong Province is the core project of Baosteel's second venture . The main project covers an area of 12.59 km2 . The production process of iron and steel is coke oven, sintering, blast furnace, converter and continuous casting.The project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on 24 May 2012 and officially started on 31 May 2012, with full completion and commissioning planned in 2016.




Project Background

Construction Project of Zhanjiang Steel and 1# and 2# BF at Baosteel

Product Provide:

Petroleum Cracking Pipe, High Pressure Oiler Pipe, Fluid Pipe, Low Medium Pressure Pipe, H Section Steel, Steel Plate, Groove Angle Steel


12,000 Tonnes

Challenges Facing:

1. The construction period of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel of Baosteel has been very tight, which has created the miracle of construction period of domestic steel works, and is the fastest steel plant in China.

2. The supply specifications are scattered.

3. It is very difficult to distribute, and it needs strong field service ability and distribution ability to meet the requirements of all materials to the project site directly.

Our advantage:

 1. Strong site coordination ability, we have rich experience for large projects, in terms of the requirements of tight deadlines for the customer, we will mobilize staff to form a field project team, and will have a long-term in the construction site coordination of quality feedback on arrival and acceptance, and the nearby service has won a good reputation.

2. With strong resource organization ability, we can make the best supply plan in time and efficiently according to the customer's order combined with our own inventory and the resources of various molecular companies within the group, as well as the resources of the traders in the steel plants.

3. Long-term cooperation with the steel plants can maintain an excellent business relationship with them, which provides much convenience in terms of contract changes, delivery of a lot of convenience.

4. Quick response mechanism, no matter emergency supply or quality objection, our company can make feedback mechanism at the first time, and then be the site at the first time to the site communication and coordination to resolve.

Provided Services:

1. Recommendations for rationalization of supply.

2. Quality products and after-sales service.

3. Fast delivery cycle and response.

4. Strong on-site service capability.

Customer Evaluation:

Our service has been highly recognized by Baosteel as " An Excellent Supplier " through unremitting efforts.

Project Background

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