Project Background

Yangzi Shipbuilding Group

Currently, Yangzi Shipbuilding Group has reached 121 ships , 4,390,000 CGT, 4.52 billion US dollars in hand orders, including 36 container ships (1,540,000 CGT, 1.61 billion US dollars), 82 bulk carriers (2,780,000 CGT, 2.81 billion US dollars) and 3 oil tankers (70,000 CGT, 100 million US dollars), with the number of in hand orders ranked first in China and third in the world, and delivery arrangements c is scheduled to continue until 2020.




Project Background

Yangzi Shipbuilding Group

Product Provide:

Seamless Steel Pipe


4,278  Tonnes

Challenges Facing:

The demand of variety is multi and miscellaneous. Single size tonnage dispersion. It requires the supplier to have sufficient stock in stock.The total inventory control in the factory is strict, the delivery on demand, the requirements of shipping support are strict.

Our advantage:

Adequate Stock, Product Quality Optimization, Meet the Requirements of Supply.Timely Delivery, Professional Communication Services.

Provided Services:

1. Deliver goods as needed, make the spot supermarket

2. Load transportation capacity is strong and small batch of small tonnage is normal to ship the load

3. Resource consolidation according to the requirements of the joint steel plant in order to provide the best supply solution.

4. Straight line distance close personnel service is timely reflected.

Customer Evaluation:

Timely Delivery, Guarantee of Quality and Quantity, and the Highest Cost-Effective Delivery Services

Project Background

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