28 June, 2019

One heart, one mind -- the 5th anniversary exchange meeting of Wuxi Haitai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd




28 June, 2019

One heart, one mind -- the 5th anniversary exchange meeting of Wuxi Haitai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

Looking back on the five-year struggle and looking forward to the new future of Tongxin!

At 4:00 p.m. on June 28, 2019, all employees of Wuxi Haitai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. gathered to review the company's five-year journey. For the 5th anniversary, we didn't prepare the venue carefully or arrange the program specially. Instead, we sat around the business office and talked about the fate with Wuxi Haitai and the feelings after entering the company. The 5th anniversary was held in the form of an exchange meeting.

First of all, looking back on the sales performance of the company in the past five years, there are both low and high peaks. The company has been facing difficulties and has been maintaining an upward trend. Looking back at the target of annual sales of 100000 tons, we still have a gap. General manager Liu Bin said that 100000 tons is only our temporary small goal, not our long-term goal. Our long-term goal is to sell 100000 tons and 150000 tons per year Inspired by the general manager, all employees of the company are full of passion and fighting spirit.

Then, senior employees of 5 years and above spoke, and Liao Xiaobin, Bi Yunyan, Bao Wenxuan and Li Chen spoke in turn. Some say that salary and bonus are only one part of the work, the other part of the work is the cultivation and understanding of the company and the feelings of colleagues; some say that they should work in Haitai, Wuxi until they retire; some say that they can put forward their own requirements only after they have done the work. Through your speeches, we can also feel the achievements of Wuxi Haitai today. First, it relies on a good platform, second, it relies on the efforts of employees, and third, it has a harmonious office cultural environment.

Next, each employee expresses his own opinions. Why Wuxi Haitai? What is the difference between Wuxi Haitai and other companies? What care did leaders and colleagues give after entering Wuxi Haitai? What skills need to be improved later?

Of course, although the 5th anniversary is just a simple exchange meeting, the company does not forget to prepare a gift for each employee - pen and car purifier. After the exchange meeting, each employee's face was full of smiles, and the exchange meeting ended successfully.

The next 10, 15, 20 years I hope we can work together in the same boat, work together, work together, never forget our original heart, and create a better future together!

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