06 December, 2021

Keep your feet on the ground and look up at the stars-Haitai Steel Tube Cloud Xingkong Group Information Project kick-off meeting was successfully held




06 December, 2021

Keep your feet on the ground and look up at the stars-Haitai Steel Tube Cloud Xingkong Group Information Project kick-off meeting was successfully held

      On the afternoon of December 2, 2021, the launch meeting of the Haitai Steel Pipe Cloud Star Group Information Project was held in the conference hall on the third floor of the Shanghai headquarters. Group company leadership and project team members, Shanghai Kingdee Network Technology Co., Ltd. Service Center General Manager Zhu Jianhao, and Delivery Center Director Ding Ding attended the meeting. The heads of overseas subsidiaries and project team members participated in the meeting through Tencent meetings. . The meeting was presided over by Li Xuefeng, Manager of the Group's Comprehensive Management Department.

      First of all, Gu Xiang, general manager of Haitai Steel Pipe Group, gave a wonderful speech on the background and significance of this Haitai Group’s informatization project. He mentioned that through the comprehensive application of advanced information technology and management ideas, It enables the company to lay a solid foundation, standardized management, scientific decision-making, and efficient operation. By promoting the information construction of the supply chain center, it can realize the integrated financial and taxation information management of the group industry and enhance the company's core competitiveness. At the same time, Mr. Gu put forward the importance and necessity of this project from the needs of enterprise development, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for Haitai. In the later implementation process, it must be accurately positioned and implemented in accordance with the characteristics of Haitai, and mobilize all members of the project team. Actively cooperate, strengthen communication, give full support to the project team, strive to realize the standardization, informatization, and standardization of the company's management, and lay a solid foundation for the company's business transformation and upgrading and future development.

      Next, Zhu Jianhao, general manager of the service center of Shanghai Kingdee Network Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. He said that the implementation of informatization projects is a complex system engineering, and there is an inherent relationship between each business module. Contact, this project is a cross-year, cross-format, and cross-organization project. It is very difficult to implement. It requires all business organizations to reach a consensus, work together, cooperate closely, and overcome difficulties to ensure that the project is launched on time at the established time. . He also firmly believes that the implementation of the informatization project of Haitai Steel Tube Cloud Xingkong Group will inevitably be successful, and hopes to help Haitai achieve digital transformation and rebuild its combat effectiveness.

      Subsequently, Liu Meiling, the implementation project manager of Shanghai Kingdee Network Technology Co., Ltd., made detailed descriptions of the implementation goals and values, organization and responsibility division, implementation plans, and project risks and countermeasures of this project. The introduction and elaboration of the project, focusing on the various points that need to be paid attention to in the implementation process, clarified the structure of the project team, introduced the project team members, and announced the cycle plan and implementation content of the project construction.

      At the end of the meeting, Mr. Gu made a concluding speech, affirming the importance of the implementation of this project to the information construction of Haitai Steel Pipe Group. The company decided to launch the advanced information management system from the From a moment, it has kept up with the pace of the times in terms of management concepts. It is hoped that through the implementation of the Kingdee Yunxingkong Group's informatization project, it will eventually realize the integrated management of the group's supply chain, logistics, and financial information, and improve the company's overall operating efficiency.

      So far, the Haitai Steel Pipe Cloud Xingkong Group Information Project will be successfully launched! The convening of this meeting marked that the informatization construction of Haitai Steel Pipe will enter a new milestone. It is believed that with the sincere cooperation and unremitting efforts of both parties, after the launch of the Yunxingkong system, the overall management level of the company will be further improved, which will greatly support and promote the company's subsequent business development and internal management, and lay the foundation for the company's future development. Good foundation.

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