11 November, 2021

Concentrate and win together for a win-win future-2021 International Trade Staff Shaoxing Team Building Activity




11 November, 2021

Concentrate and win together for a win-win future-2021 International Trade Staff Shaoxing Team Building Activity

      Golden autumn in October, the autumn wind is gusty. In this romantic autumn time, in order to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the department, from October 30 to 31, 2021, the International Trade Company went to the beautiful Jiangnan water town —— Shaoxing to launch a theme of “Heart Gathering Strength, win-win future” team building activities.

01 Hiking on Shangqing Ancient Trail

      In the early morning, the last drop of dew on the green leaves was evaporated by the sun, rubbing sleepy eyes, unknowingly we have come to Shaoxing“tea The entrance to the Shangqing Ancient Road, known as “Magu Road”. As a classic trail in the trekking world, the Shangqing Ancient Trail is long and winding, and travelers are climbing up the stairs, like steaming water vapor, gradually disappearing into the dense bamboo forest.

Shangqing Ancient Road is composed of three parts: Rizhuling Ancient Road, Wanshou Mountain Trail and Taoyanling Ancient Road. We chose the route of the Rizhuling Ancient Trail and the Wanshou Mountain Trail, a total of 7 kilometers.

Rizhuling Ancient Road

      At the beginning of the Rizhuling Ancient Road, there was an uphill slope and the slope was steep. I don’t know who found a half-person tall bamboo pole from the bamboo forest and distributed it to female colleagues with insufficient physical strength. With the help of this unique "trekking pole", when everyone came to the first mountain, they were still panting and sweating. Everyone passed paper towels to each other to wipe sweat, and after a while, the big packs of paper towels carried by colleagues had bottomed out. Looking up at the sunlight shining from the dappled leaves, it makes people feel as if the sun has become fragments, scattered in this bamboo forest. On the short benches, everyone leaned against each other, joking out of breath, as if a tenant who had just finished a day’s hard work in farming, the bamboo forest was full of joy, and even the big trees smiled. Waist.

      After everyone first tasted the “difficulty of walking” in the first half of the ancient road, their physical strength was consumed a lot, and colleagues who were physically weak in the latter half gradually dropped out. For everyone's safety, a small partner spontaneously walked to the end of the team to ensure that every colleague can reach the finish line safely and happily.

Wanshou Mountain Trail

      Successfully completed the Rizhuling Ancient Trail, followed by the Wanshou Mountain Trail. Compared with the rugged ancient road made up of bumpy stones full of "ancient charm", the "first impression" of the Wanshoushan Trail is much more "amiable". Strolling among all kinds of intertwined and towering old trees, we are like children who have just arrived in this world and are full of curiosity about everything around us. Leaning on a cane made of bamboo, he looked like an old man in sixties who was hobbled.

      The lofty China, long history, in the historical smoke and dust of the Chinese civilization for thousands of years, these ancient roads are sandwiched between ancient barbaric mountains and rivers. Although full of unknown difficulties, they can also encounter unexpected The scenery and poetry. Everything you see along the way is green, including maolin and bamboo, gurgling streams, transparent and green Wanshoushan Reservoir, and blooming splendid dogwood flowers. Outside the setting sun on the Qingshan Ancient Road, the Xia Man Bamboo Forest is drunk and sunny at night. Everyone was playing and playing while walking. It must be that the soil here has been nourished by sweat and laughter for thousands of years to nurture such a gratifying scenery.

   Recalling Mr. Lu Xun's words, "There is no road in the world, and when there are more people walking, it has become a road", we decided to open up a road of our own! A small partner found stones and paved a simple road. Because the rocks were not level, a colleague swayed back and forth on the rocks like riding a unicycle, which caused everyone to laugh. There were also friends who slipped and stepped on their feet, and came into close contact with the muddy water of the swamp.

      Looking at the muddy trouser legs and sneakers, everyone did not give up, but went on to the finish line after packing up, “the most valuable thing is the courage to move on.”. The effort paid off. It took about four and a half hours, and everyone finally finished the seven kilometers. The person who arrived at the end first, leaned on the railing on the side of the road, resting and waiting patiently for the little friends behind.

02 Leisure and sightseeing

      This team building is not only for exercise on foot, but also for leisure and sightseeing. The second activity of the team building is to appreciate the art city Shaoxing. We tasted the mellow yellow wine from the old Xianheng store, walked past the former residence of Lu Xun from the Sanwei Bookstore to the Baicao Garden, and sat on the awning boat to watch the beautiful Keyan landscape.

      The team building activity ended smoothly on Sunday afternoon, and everyone returned to Shanghai by high-speed rail. This team building has brought everyone closer together, strengthened cohesion, and made everyone understand the importance of unity. The best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people! Thank you for your company all the way, so that we can have the "exclusive memory" of this team building. In the future, the people of China World Trade Center will unite, as always, uphold the values ​​of integrity, efficiency, struggle, continuity, innovation, and win-win cooperation to create success! With you and me, go hand in hand! Concentrate and work together for a win-win future!


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