28 December, 2021

Drawing a blueprint together with colleagues -- departmental League building activities in 2021




28 December, 2021

Drawing a blueprint together with colleagues -- departmental League building activities in 2021

Only a drop of water flows into the sea

Will never "dry up"

A person can only integrate into the team

To continuously create value

And a successful team building

It is the catalyst to help individuals integrate into the collective


The cicada crows and stuffs the summer

The cool wind has a letter, and the autumn moon is boundless

After three quarters of hard work

November 26-28, 2021

Ushered in a three-day League building activity

A friendly trip to Chongming Island is about to start······


01 aestheticism should not be betrayed

The world's fireworks most caress the hearts of all people

Only food and scenery can resist physical fatigue

We threw ourselves into delicious food without worrying about the fatigue of the boat

Taste the characteristics of Chongming and feel the happiness and happiness brought by delicious food


02 we brave people break through

During the game

We think creatively and use efficiently

We work as a team and sweat as much as we can


When the water comes, work together to build the tower



Mobile plum blossom pile dynamic smash


There will inevitably be failures in the process

But we regrouped and persevered

Only with the spirit of never giving up can we go further



Winning team


In a wonderful and exciting game

Enhanced communication among members

Team spirit of close cooperation and overcoming difficulties

It is also in the corporate culture promoted by Haitai

Full embodiment of "concerted efforts and win-win cooperation"

Reflect the planning, organization and coordination ability of Thai people at sea

And the working attitude of obeying the command, being meticulous and working together from top to bottom



03 we take both attack and defense into account

The success of the team is largely

It depends on the cooperation between members

This cooperation will be charged and sacrificed

But the end result is that the team wins




The small game of "attack and defense arrow" let participants

Have a positive attitude

Let managers be staffed and leaders coordinate remotely

Enhance the execution ability and cohesion of team members

Sometimes appropriate competition is needed in the team

This can form the "catfish effect"



04 we persevere


Chongming Changxing Island cycling

Feel peace and nature

Start a new ride


The scenery is pleasant and the air is fresh

Negative oxygen ions floating all over the sky


Leisure competition and friendly competition

A single thread does not form a line, and a single tree does not form a forest

After riding for 10 kilometers, some colleagues were out of strength

But we don't give up

Cheer each other up and encourage each other until the end



Collaboration is the premise and foundation

Empowerment is the only way

Winning is the ultimate pursuit

We clearly recognize

Only by laying the foundation of good people's unity and coordination

In order to build the magnificent building of Haitai people


Games bring more than entertainment

Through teamwork and cooperation

To achieve the value convergence of Haitai people's psychological level

This is the ultimate meaning of "League building"

Just like the spirit of Haitai

"Honest and efficient struggle, continuous innovation and win-win cooperation"

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