05 February, 2024

Fearless of wind and rain, forge ahead. The 2023 Haitai Steel Pipe Summary and Commendation Conference and the New Year Gala were successfully held




05 February, 2024

Fearless of wind and rain, forge ahead. The 2023 Haitai Steel Pipe Summary and Commendation Conference and the New Year Gala were successfully held

Review of 2023 Summary Commendation

On the afternoon of February 2, 2024, Shanghai Haitai Steel Pipe (Group) Co., Ltd. held a grand summary and commendation conference for the year 2023. At the meeting, the work in 2023 was comprehensively summarized and reviewed, and exemplary individual in 2023 were commended.

Mr. Gu Xiang, General Manager of Haitai Steel Pipe Group, summarized and reviewed all the work in 2023, fully acknowledging the efforts and contributions of all employees. At the same time, he pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the work throughout the year, and proposed the focus and future plans for the new year. He hopes that all employees can continue to maintain a spirit of progress, unite and cooperate, and face new opportunities and challenges together.

Next, Ms. Du Haiyan, the Deputy General Manager, read out the Decision on Commending exemplary individual of Haitai Steel Pipe Group in 2023, hoping that all employees of the company would follow their example, further improve their ideological quality and service skills, and work together to make new contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the company. Subsequently, Mr. Wang Xiaojian, Vice Chairman of the Group, Mr. Gu Xiang, General Manager, Ms. Mao Yan, Vice General Manager, and Ms. Du Haiyan personally presented trophies to the advanced employees of the Group and departments.

Representative of advanced employees in the group: Chen Ye Representative of advanced employees in the department: Shao Beihua

Finally, Mr. Wang Xiaojian, Vice Chairman, summarized his speech by stating that 2023 has been an extraordinary year and a year full of challenges. He expressed gratitude to all employees for their unremitting efforts and drew a perfect conclusion to 2023. He hopes that 2024 will further inspire the spirit, gather the strong power of Haitai people, and work hard to achieve a new leap in Haitai!

Opening the 2024 Annual Conference Ceremony

After a short break, the 2024 New Year Gala of Haitai Steel Pipe Group officially began. Firstly, Mr. Ding Jinsong, the chairman of the group, delivered a toast, sending everyone the beautiful expectations for 2024.

Haitai people from various departments are shining brightly on stage, expressing their vision and blessings for a better year through singing and dancing! Exciting lottery draws, stunning performances, and happy smiles on every face present, let everyone feel the cohesion and centripetal force from the Haitai family.

Surprise lottery 

Interactive games

Amidst the laughter and joy, the annual conference of Haitai Steel Pipe Group has come to an end. This is the successful conclusion of the previous stage and the starting point of the next stage's journey. No matter how tough the future may be, Haitai people will surely work together to forge ahead! Facing the future, we will continuously improve our service level and customer satisfaction, with a more firm belief, full enthusiasm, and pragmatic style, actively embrace every challenge, and embrace a better future!

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