21 March, 2024

Life First, Safety and Fire Protection | Haitai Steel Pipe Group Conducts Fire Drill Activities




21 March, 2024

Life First, Safety and Fire Protection | Haitai Steel Pipe Group Conducts Fire Drill Activities

In order to further enhance the fire prevention awareness of employees and improve their emergency response capabilities for fires, Haitai Steel Pipe Group has recently launched fire drills. Through immersive and participatory experiences, Haitai employees have been given a vivid fire safety education class.

On March 19th, Haitai Storage and Transportation conducted a fire evacuation drill in the open space in front of the warehouse. All employees of the storage department participated, and Wang Baolin, the deputy general manager of Haitai Storage and Transportation, provided fire safety education to the employees, explaining in detail fire safety knowledge and emergency evacuation methods. Subsequently, practical exercises such as reporting dangerous situations, extinguishing fires with fire extinguishers, and evacuation drills were carried out.

On March 20th, Haitai organized a fire drill at the square in front of the office building, with more than 20 representatives of employees from various departments participating in the event. Provide fire safety knowledge popularization to employees on how to inspect and eliminate fire hazards, extinguish initial fires, evacuate and evacuate, and assist injured personnel. Through explaining real cases, provide warning education to everyone, and then conduct scenario simulations to combine theory with practice, making fire safety knowledge more deeply rooted in people's hearts.

After explaining fire safety knowledge, everyone carried out practical fire extinguisher operations on the square and became proficient in using fire extinguishers. Subsequently, the simulation of a sudden fire in the office area began. All employees followed the evacuation route, bent down, covered their noses, and orderly evacuated from the fire safety passage to the designated assembly point, successfully completing the emergency evacuation drill.

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