07 June, 2024

Warm Dragon Boat Festival, fragrant rice dumpling leaves




07 June, 2024

Warm Dragon Boat Festival, fragrant rice dumpling leaves

       On June 7th, Haitai Steel Tube held a theme activity called "Passionate Dragon Boat Festival, Aroma of Zongzi Leaves". A total of more than 30 employees participated in this activity, all immersing themselves in the charm of this traditional culture and enjoying the unlimited fun of making sachets and wrapping zongzi by hand!  

       1、 Making sachets

       On the afternoon of the 7th, everyone gathered in the headquarters canteen, eating fruits, while happily picking the favorite sachet, the colorful sachet fabric is like blooming flowers, each one is filled with a strong holiday atmosphere. We will select the mugwort leaves into the sachet, each piece of mugwort leaves are emitting a light fragrance, with the seal is gently tied tight, a delicate sachet will be born, they are like small and exquisite art, pleasing to the eye.

       2、 Making Zongzi

       The prepared materials such as zongzi leaves, glutinous rice, and meat filling are neatly arranged on the table, and everyone is busy and enthusiastic around the abundant ingredients on this table. Someone skillfully stroked the fine lines, organizing each one in an orderly manner; Someone carefully prunes the zongzi leaves to give each piece a perfect shape.

       After some attempts and exploration, everyone gradually mastered the knack of making Zongzi, and the movement became more smooth and comfortable. Select a wide and thick zongzi leaf, gently fold it into a funnel shape, then add an appropriate amount of glutinous rice, and then add delicious filling. Then wrap the glutinous rice and filling around the zongzi leaves, tie them tightly with thin thread, and in no time, the pointed triangular zongzi will be formed one by one.

       In the process of making Zongzi, everyone spoke freely and shared their hometown's Dragon Boat Festival customs. You speak and I speak, with laughter and joy echoing one after another. The entire scene is filled with a strong festive atmosphere. The first play of "Zongzi" at the Dragon Boat Festival not only let us experience the fun of making Zongzi, but also let us feel the charm and warmth of Chinese traditional culture.

       This activity not only gave you an in-depth experience of the traditional culture of the Loong Boat Festival, but also deepened our friendship in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. In this way, Haitai Steel Tube blends tradition with modernity, connects culture with life, and demonstrates the company's humanistic care and team cohesion.

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