10 July, 2024

Passionate team melting, uniting to achieve dreams -2024 team building in places with the sea




10 July, 2024

Passionate team melting, uniting to achieve dreams -2024 team building in places with the sea

Summer is infinitely good, the event is just right!

The heart of steel is as firm as a rock;

Strive for progress and forge ahead.

Go to a place with the sea for team building in 2024!

       In the fast-paced modern workplace, everyone is a high-speed machine that tirelessly strives for a common goal, but the machine also needs lubrication, and the team also needs charging. Team building is like a clear spring, injecting vitality and warmth into the team in a timely manner, allowing members to deepen understanding and gather strength in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

       At the end of June 2024, the sales department of the group and Wuxi Haitai made an appointment to visit the beautiful coastal city of Yantai, and held a team building activity with Yantai Haitai and Haitai Storage and Transportation Yantai Office for in-depth communication.

       1、 Team building activities:

       Zhaoyuan Gold Rushing Town Script Team Building Game: Legend of Holy Water in Ancient Town - Exploration Tour. Through games and group participation in challenges and completing tasks, the primary significance of team building activities has been realized: "adhesive.". The four groups are "Huangpao Jiashen", "Hongyun Toutou", "Blue Fairy", and "Pink Beauty"!

       Not only did everyone personally experience the fun of "blowing out the wild sand before reaching gold" in the Gold Rush River, but they also completed 21 tasks designed with the characteristics of the scenic area. Each team continuously completed the tasks to advance the plot, obtaining activity points, clues, prop cards, etc. The final holy water verification was carried out by "good luck", successfully opening the holy water verification process and using wisdom and courage to successfully rescue the water source. A series of mental and physical storms, united and collaborative, not only enhance friendship between each other, but also exercise teamwork skills, and harvest valuable friendships and memories.

       "Building a Tower Together", "World Ball", and "Blind Square", through the other three sets of games, cultivate teamwork and cooperation skills, and strengthen team spirit; Cultivate changes in communication and behavior among team members; Stimulate the participation awareness of team members, enabling each member to play their respective roles well and contribute to completing team tasks. At the same time, problems that exist in the game and need to be corrected were also discovered:

       1. Rule awareness: The subconscious influences a person's behavioral habits, and adhering to rules is the bottom line for enterprise employees.

       2. Proactive: The logic behind being proactive is the strength of a sense of responsibility, actively participating rather than passively waiting, observing, or even being detached from the team. Behind this phenomenon is a lack of sense of responsibility and collective honor.

       3. Independent thinking: In addition to evaluating employees' abilities and attitudes, there is also an independent thinking dimension, and truly excellent employees always maintain the ability to think independently.

       4. Proactive communication: Based on the methodology of proactivity and independent thinking, have you actively provided feedback? How is feedback provided? Are you lying flat after being discouraged? The purpose of communication is to reach consensus and solve problems.

       5. Ascending Dimension Thinking: (Methodology: Robert Dietz) Looking at the problem at hand from a higher dimension to find a solution to the problem.

       6. Leadership and Execution: Can the team's leadership and execution be aligned from top to bottom; How to handle major conflicts among team members due to different styles; Whether the leadership style of team leaders has an impact and important role in completing tasks, and so on.

       2、 Exchange learning

       The main opportunity for the Yantai team building this time is to visit and learn from the Yanbao and Deltai anti-corrosion factories. From the production scheduling of the production line, to the parameter setting of each process, to the inspection and testing of product quality, the Yanbao quality area engineer Liu Gong and Deltai Yu Zong will use PPT, demonstration diagrams, and on-site visits to explain to us in detail.

       3、 Integration and unity:

       Wuxi Haitai&Group Sales Department&Yantai Haitai&Haitai Storage and Transportation Yantai Office, four organizations gathered together, and we successively carried out tug of war, games, and karaoke activities. When cheers and cheers came one after another, we danced hand in hand, and loud voices echoed in the air. When the sense of unfamiliarity was completely eliminated, we truly felt the warmth of hospitality in Shandong and the complete establishment of a sense of integration between employees.

       The wind in Yantai blew slowly, bringing the distance between colleagues in the subsidiary company closer this night. The beautiful night spent by a group of people together is believed to leave endless memories for colleagues present.

       Although the team building for this trip to a place with a sea has ended, the significance it brings us is extraordinary: team building is an important milestone on the path of team growth. It is like a lighthouse, guiding the team forward in the wind and rain; It is like a key, opening the door between the hearts of its members.

       In this era full of challenges and opportunities, let us cherish every opportunity of team building and feel the warmth and strength from the team with our hearts. Because only a united team can go further and more steadily on the future path.

       May everyone in the Haitai Steel Pipe family: a group of people, one heart, one goal, keep walking!!!

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